At the heart 
of the vineyard...
At the heart
of the vineyard...

A knowledge

Vine cares

From pruning to harvesting, working in a vineyard follows an immutable ritual that is still mostly carried out by hand today.  
  • Pruning, from November to March.

  • Binding (or tying up), from February to early April, consists in tying the vine shoots to the wires.

  • Disbudding, from March to June. The winemaker removes the unfruitful cane shoots.

  • Shoot positioning and Trelising, from June to July. As the vine is growing, the shoots are lifted up and positioned through the wires. The purpose of this stage is to give a sun exposure to the greatest possible leaf surface and to gain photosynthesis... In wine-growing regions sun may be rarely seen, thus this operation is necessary and ensures a better vegetation distribution as well as it provides a good aeration for grape bunches.

  • Topping and Treatments. Topping consists in cutting the vine in a neatly and aligned manner and, doing so means lending this touch of summer unique charm. 

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