At the heart 
of the vineyard...
At the heart
of the vineyard...

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For two weeks or so, the sugar contained in the grape will turn into alcohol under the action of yeasts which cause the fermentation. The wines are then called still wines or clear wines, in contrast to sparkling wines, which they're not at that time.

In the spring, the winemaker relies on his sensorial memory, his passion and his talent, and gathers a small team. In such a good company, he practises the subtle alchemy of assemblage. It's a work of creation in which up to ten different wines have to be '' united '' : still wines of the year and reserve wines of exceptional qualities. Finding the right taste, the extremely precise balance that will give a unique, elegant and powerful Champagne is an art. The art of signing a pure winemaker's Champagne.

Then different Champagne wines can be produced.

Each year, a part of the harvest is stored to be used in the assemblages that will be elaborated in the following years. With those wines, called reserve wines, the winemaker can perpetuate the taste and the style of his Champagne, which represents his terroir as well as his personality. Once it has been assembled, the wine (at that stage not yet sparkling) is embottled.
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