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Choosing well your Champagne

Which Champagne would you choose according to the meal type and course ?

Champagne is a wine that offers such a diversity that you can serve it at any moment of your meal, from the appetiser to the dessert.

So, just choose your champagne according to your '' drink opportunities ''.


For all appetisers with salty cakes, cold cuts, delicatessen, etc. Don't hesitate and choose a Brut : It is less sweet.

Conversely, If you want to serve it as a dessert, a semi-dry will be perfect. Exceptionally, you may serve it as an appetiser with a Foie Gras, instead of drinking such wines as a Sauternes or a Monbazillac.

The Champagne rosé is a brut wine, which has the qaulity to be especially trendy : good-looking and festive, be it on the table or in the flutes. The cellar master will ensure your wine a harmony between taste and colour in such a way that red fruits aromas will surely be detected by connoisseur palates.

For such events as a wedding or an associative party, namely for a high volume purchase, you'll have to find a right compromise. Many people with many tastes means many things to nibble and petits fours. Then, you'll need a federative champagne, not too specific, but elegant. Choose a Brut Reserve, an affordable champagne which has aged for four years in a cellar and has kept a beautiful freshness

To complement a meat or even to be drunk at any time of your meal, a millésimé (vintage wine) will be highly welcome as a great Bordeaux or Bourgogne would.

For further information, check out our Matching Champagne and Food section.

For a more personal choice, the best you can do is to attend a wine degustation, because more than one out of two persons remains faithful to their '' own'' champagne. But they first need to find it out. So don't lose a second and go to the '' meet us '' section. 

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