At the heart 
of the vineyard...
At the heart
of the vineyard...

Our Winemakers' House

A Terroir


The wine willage of Ville-Dommange is exceptionally well located at the heart of the vineyard.

Strategic spot on the prestigious ''Montagne de Reims'' vineyard, in the protection of the setting of the Regional Nature Park, Ville-Dommange is one of the villages classified as First Growth of the West Coast (1er Cru de la Côté Ouest).

Vue aérienne

Known as early as the Middle Age under its latin name of Villa Dominica and built on one of the highest points of Reims Hills, our village allows our vineyards to benefit an exceptional exposure with the combination of three major components : climate, subsoil and relief.
  • The particular Climate under a dual influence, oceanic and continental, on a northern latitude.
  • The specific Subsoil, mainly chalky, provides the vineyard with a continuous natural irrigation. 
  • The Relief, made of hillsides, plays a key role in the vineyard insolation and in the drainage of excess water.


Our Champagne wines have been produced since the origin from the Champagne's three king grapes renowned for their characteristic qualities. 


great Champagne wine is a subtle and precise blend of various grapes. The Montagne de Reims is a fertile ground mainly for black grapes harvesting.
  • Dominant grape on Ville-Dommange, the Pinot Meunier  (black grape)  makes your Champagne wine supple and round.
  • The Pinot Meunier  (black grape) adds body and power to your Champagne wine. It offers aromas of red fruit and a marked structure.  
  • The Chardonnay  grape (white grape) adds delicacy in the aromas, such as fruit notes, citrus flavours and sometimes mineral hints. 

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