At the heart 
of the vineyard...
At the heart
of the vineyard...

Our Winemakers' House

A family's story

The Champagne Cl. de la Chapelle is the fruit of this specific and worldwide unique terroir. It has been produced every year for nearly 70 years by 5 families of winemakers from Ville-Dommange.


The ''Cl. De la Chapelle'' Champagne brand 'was created in 1948 by winegrowers, who decided after WorldWar II to join their forces with the goal of developing and highlighting their age-old activity.

Vineyard plots in Champagne region : Article issued on Nov. 1947


Owners of a vineyard area covering nearly 30 hectares, the current members, all winemakers born to these families, are the heart and mind of this terroir and produce rare Champagne wines for you in the finest tradition of Champagne Region.  


  •  Offering a new Grand Export
  • Developing french and european distribution channels
  • Using new information technologies,
  • Taking up the challenge of the 2018 Grenelle Environment Forum
  • Keeping up water saving efforts
  • Maintain a high standard of hygiene in our pressing centres, wineries, storehouses, etc. 

Cl. de la Chapelle is continuously innovating to offer you Champagne wines of a still enhanced quality, key of its success since generations. 



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