Les différents Champagne...
Les différents Champagne...

Choosing well

1 - Identify the ''Champagne'' appellation on the label

Be sure it is a genuine Champagne wine, which is a controlled origin. Only wines from Champagne region are allowed to display the name '' Champagne '' on the bottle.

Here are additional mentions to check.

  • Personal or business name of the wine maker, the name of the locality where the wine producer has his registered office and the name '' France '' (as well as the name of the town or village where the wine is produced if not the registered office),

  • A professional registration number delivered by the Comité Champagne and preceded by the initials giving information on the producer's professional category. 

    • RM :  Récoltant Manipulant (harvester-handler): They are the typical independant winemakers.

      • RC : Récoltant-Coopérateur (Harvester-Cooperator). The RC produces his cuvée in a cooperative but he ensures the commercialisation.

        • CM : Coopérative de Manipulation (Handling Cooperative). The CM produces its wine with the grapes of its members in its own facilities and commercialises the products under its own brand. We belong to this category.

          • NM : Négociant Manipulant. (trader-handler). It's a natural or legal person who buys grapes, musts or wines and carries out the production in its own facilities and ensures the commercialisation. The great Champagne brand belong to this category.

            • ND : Négociant Distributeur (trader-dealer) The ND buys unlableled embottled wines and applies its own label.

              • MA : Marque Auxiliaire. (auxiliary brand). It is a wine buyer brand, eg. Supermarkets buy packs of bottles from various winemakers and apply their own brand labels on the bottles.

              • Pack identification number on the label (or directly on the bottle),

              • Information on potential allergens (eg. sulphur dioxide, sulphites, etc. )

              • The following indication '' the consumption of alcoholic beverages during pregnancy, even in small quantity, may be detrimental to your child's health ''

              • The logo '' Point Vert '' (Green Dot) for producers who have signed an agreement on packaging recovery with an approved company, 

              • If required, the millésime (vintage year) or any characteristics of the cuvée (blanc de blancs, rosé, blanc de noirs, etc.),

              • Information on wine varieties, disgorging date, sensory qualities, association between meals and wines, etc. 

              Excessive drinking is harmful for your health, alcoholic beverages should be consumed in moderation
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